Oners↗ – unique artefacts made to be used in everyday life.

Oners is run by Lilit Asiryan↗, full time Graphic Designer and Art Director and was launched in 2016 with the intention to build a soul spot for herself and everyone else believing in art as a transportive and bettering idea.

All piecies are handmade thus one of a kind, hence the name. Most of the time in stoneware – always utilitalian. Oners is a way of living, knowing where your go to tools come from, making your daily routine into something more.

Online shop↗ is updated twice a year: in autumn and spring. If you wish to be the first one to know about it, please join Oners: mailing list↗ or follow Oners: instagram↗.

Once a season, you can join the “The Basics of Handbuilding” course, email↗ to find out more about it. 

Do no not hesitate to get in touch↗ regarding any of the piecies you see outside the shop or potential collaborations.

Studio↗ visits are always welcome, just make sure to give heads up↗ in advance!

Folkskolegatan 22 SE–117 35 Stockholm,
All Rights Reserved ©Lilit Asiryan, Oners 2020