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Oners Archive: 2x Bowls

Note! Non-edible glaze.

General information

→ All pieces are handmade using stoneware clay and are dishwasher safe. Since all the pieces are one of a kind each product will differ slightly in it’s size and shape. If you are have questions about how your specific order looks like, please email: hello@oners.se

→ If you choose ‘Studio pick up’ in the check out, please make sure to email hello@oners.se so we can arrange a time and a date.

→ For non EU orders there will be added duties/ import costs upon your order collection, the amount will vary depeding on your country.

→ If something breaks during the transportation, please email, both the picture of the package and the broken ceramics to hello@oners.se, your order will be replaced with either a similar piece or an equivalent free of cost.

→ No returns on the Archival pieces, sorry...