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Oners: Marbled tiles are exaclty what they sound like, a collection of one a kind tiles, made by using recycled marbles.

No marble/tile combo can be replicated thus the results are very different and unique.

Min order: 6 tiles 
Size: 15x15/ 25x25 cm
Finish: glossy

If you wish to order more than six tiles, please email:

Oners: Marbled tiles

1 pac x 6 tiles
15x15 cm

Photo: Johan Wennestsöm  Private home, Reimersholme, Stockholm

Image credits:

1.Private home in Limhamn, Malmö. 
   Photo: Johan Karlén for Funkiskök

2. Private home in Reimersholme, Stockholm. 
    Photo: Johan Wenneström

3. Office space in SoFo, Stockholm designed by Felizia Matthews/ Siri Hallér. 
    Photo: Fanny Radvik for Elle Deco